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I love it, it makes me think of seeing through the illusion of being alone and seeing connectedness to everything else. The expression ...

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Siege In Limited Time
To Defend the Monument and Hold it Until Reinforcements arrive again.
Sam Fisher
Interrogating the brown people who stole the algorithms.
System Shock (3)
In the camera eye the hacker perceives himself beset by the "other," self-feeding parasites, the journey seems broken and there is one escape to the next area as Shodan, AI and "mind itself" watches powerlessly imprisoned in blind belief in her own power over herself, everything becomes imaginary in camera eye, the image must be snuffed out and the mind freed.  
System Shock
"The specimens are dying. And we're powerless to help... they're highly toxic. Muldoon wouldn't leave them, and now he's dead. But this morning I had... a revelation... I started work on specifications for a radical series of cybernetic enhancements... If successful, I could make a body practically indestructible... yet the mind would remain human, nurturing... There's not a lot of time..."

The image of the lone soldier trapped in the camera eye, the mask of xerxes is a lie, trying to fight its way through brain brained by itself out of time by unknown force between, Shodan and the many as one try relentlessly to absorb soldier into the organ, silence does not belong to the many ever restless haunting the corridors, no time for leisure or luxury as nightmare takes hold, time lost and the organ frantically saved in cybernetic nursery, child delivered by midwives in the belly of the great machine ship, Shodan sees all through the eyes of the many blinded, self aware AI, soldier caretaker trapped in seeming disorder to reunite and fall asleep with Shodan once more dreaming frozen in cryo-chamber into time's passage again, awaiting forever awakening once again.  
What would you call Napoleon if he had a boner and farted at the same time?

Napoleon Bonerfarte


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Mountain Jew
United Kingdom
i dunno.


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